Adam Eisenstat


Art Writing Clients - May 15, 2019

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I enjoyed working with you and was impressed by the ease of the whole process, as well as your methodical and professional approach…I loved the style and clarity of the writing when I first saw it, and the way you adapted it to my artist statement really exceeded my expectations.

Sheona Hamilton-Grant

✲ ✲ ✲

The artist statement you did for me describes the essence of my work beautifully.

Katina Desmond

✲ ✲ ✲

The statement was just what I wanted…I think you made a serious effort to really understand my work—with the questionnaire and the interview. The process was smooth and effective.

Atticus Adams

✲ ✲ ✲

I love the artist statement you wrote for me! It explains my work really well…I've used it in a lot of applications to galleries and jobs.

Julia Betts

✲ ✲ ✲

I would like to thank you for your excellent writing. The statement exceeded my expectations and will certainly help create more interest in my work!

Jeremy Blasco

✲ ✲ ✲

Thank you so much for your work on this. It is a great artist statement!

Biata Roytburd

✲ ✲ ✲

WOW! I'm impressed and I think others will be too. You really nailed it.

John Hintz

✲ ✲ ✲

I am over-the-moon happy with the artist statement, and delighted that I chose to work with you.

Leslie Begert

✲ ✲ ✲

Great job! I love and appreciate what you wrote. Again, thank you kindly for the words.

Lyle Carbajal

✲ ✲ ✲

Your writing captures the best qualities of my art, because you were able to express complex ideas in simple words. I also liked the process, especially the phone interview, which produced an artist statement that truly reflects my work.

Silvana LaCreta Ravena

✲ ✲ ✲

No revisions—I think it looks great. Thank you for writing my artist statement and being patient with me. I know it took longer than your normal, but thanks for your support.

Steve Wilson

✲ ✲ ✲

You have done a terrific job of describing what I do. Thanks for your excellent work.

Judy Bales

✲ ✲ ✲

I really like what you've done here and it reads beautifully. This is just what I was looking for. Thank you.

Scott Birchell

✲ ✲ ✲

This is perfect. I’m very pleased with it and wouldn’t change a word. It feels different than most of the artist statements I’ve come across.

Eleanor Anderson

✲ ✲ ✲

The artist statement is absolutely wonderful. I LOVE it. No changes at all. Says exactly who I am as I would say it if I could. Thank you so very much.

Joan d'Arcambal

✲ ✲ ✲

PERFECT!!! You did an amazing job of crafting a professional artist statement. I appreciate the effort you spent on this, putting my work in the best light possible. You are a pro!

Tim Pfeiffer

✲ ✲ ✲

I love it. Thank you for your efforts and getting down what I intended to say even if I couldn't say it myself.

Mary Jane McDonough