Art Writing Samples: Artist statements, etc.

Various clients (add'l art links)

The PDF (link below) is a compendium of artist statements, bios, & grant essays (written for a wide variety of clients); and features screen shots of some of the artist statements on different artists' Websites. Includes links to other art writing (blog posts, articles, etc.).


Writing Samples (Artist statements except where noted)

  • Silvana LaCreta Ravena (painter, encaustic)

  • Renee Barton (painter, encaustic)

  • Sheona Hamilton-Grant (animal portraitist, graphite artist)

  • Julia Scher (conceptual artist)

  • Graham Gillmore (conceptual artist) [Grant Essay]

  • Leslie Begert (sculptor)

  • Hironori Kawabat (sculptor)

  • Katina Desmond (painter)

  • Daniel Rey (photographer)

  • Eva Mueller (photographer)

  • Amanda Mortimer (photographer)

  • Judy Bales (mixed media artist)

  • Duke Riley (mixed media artist) [Proposal/Artist Statement]

Blog Posts on Art Promotion (

  • How I Work with Artists (Producing an Artist Statement)

  • Self-Promotion for Artists: More Than a Necessary Evil

  • Social Media for Artists

  • To the Artist in Search of a Marketing Strategy

Articles / Essays / Reviews

  • Empire of Hype: A History of Artists and the Media (Visual Arts Journal) [Article]

  • Becoming Unreal: The Artist’s Duty in a World of Illusion ( [Essay]

  • An Acrobat of Genres: The Art & Attitude of Nicholas Chistiakov [Review]

  • Lyle Carbajal’s “Artless” Paintings [Review]

Additional Samples

  • Web Copy: Nicholas Chistiakov (painter)

  • Artist Statements: Four Sculptors

  • Artist Statements: Two Painters (pop surrealism)

  • Wikipedia Page: Duke Riley (mixed media artist)


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